Meet Adam

Former foster child dedicated to helping kids in need

Adam RobeAdam Robe was first introduced to foster care at the age of five when his mother abandoned him and his two siblings. He spent six long years in foster care before finally being adopted into a loving family. Because no one had ever shown him how to have a meaningful relationship, he struggled throughout his youth to discover his own identity and relate to others in a healthy way.

Later in life, as a young man working in the world of retail management, he began volunteering as a Court-Appointed Special Advocate for children (CASA) and knew instantly that he had found his calling: social work. However, although he had the compassion, firsthand experience with the system and a knack for getting through to children, he lacked the academic training and the professional experience to make a living by helping others.

Two academic degrees and more than 20 years later, Adam has helped hundreds of foster children and their families adjust to tough life changes. His experiences range from working as a family-centered service worker in the Children’s Division… to supervising CASAs… to directing foster care programs… to teaching human services courses at the college level… to serving as the CEO of Foster Care Alumni of America… to delivering trainings and keynote speeches around the country… to serving as director of more than one adoption and/or child welfare agency.

In 2008, he began developing the Robbie Rabbit™ book series. These unique books help child welfare professionals and foster/adoptive parents who want to help children in out-of-home care adjust better to tough changes in life. Additionally, he’s a contributing author of FLUX: LIFE AFTER FOSTER CARE, a book for teens transitioning from out-of-home care.